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ZPET - The iOS Deep Digger Project - Development Updates Part 2

ZPET - The iOS Deep Digger Project - Development Updates Part 2

What’s New?

Often while developing my projects, I get a rough implementation working and then re-write the project from the ground-up, massively increasing the stability, speed and flexibility for adding extra functionality. Also to fix up the inevitable mistakes I make in the first revision :-)

ZPET is no different, and i’m really happy to announce i’ve hit that stage! I’m working on some rock-solid foundations for ZPET to enable logging for investigator actions and a clean and concise output.

Modules, Modules and more Modules

I’ve been experimenting with the idea of ‘Modules’ and spent the majority of yesterday trying many different ideas and implementations I had in mind. I’ve settled on the implementation i’d like to use now, where the modules will take the form of a .ZPET file and are user expandable if the community decides to create their own modules.

Creating a module will increase the amount of data ZPET can gather, so if you’re an expert in how certain social media applications work, please let me know, because we could definitely collaborate on developing some extra modules to expand the functionality. When ZPET is released, the user will have the option of choosing between a Quick Scan, Deep Scan, or Custom Scan (using modules of personal choice).

Below i’ve added a screenshot of the Module Processor which parses the Module format i’ve created the specifications for. I’ve tried to develop the Module Processor in a way that it’s very easy for the end user to control the output.

ZPET v1 - Battery Serial Fetcher Module

What’s Left In The Development Process?

As of now, i’m happy with the foundations i’ve developed for ZPET and there’s a possibility it could release in the next week or two. It’s very important for me that the process is solid and reproducible on a variety of host devices and iDevices, and so I have some more testing to do, but as of now everything is looking very positive. Just a few finishing touches and extra features, and we’re ready to go!