iOS Research & Exploration Volume I

iOS Research & Exploration Volume I

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It’s very complete and easily readable, good for anyone who wants to learn starting from the basics” - Giulio Zompetti, Twitter

After an 18,000km journey, my most-anticipated read of 2020 has arrived! Looking forward to … understanding more of iOS” - Brett, Twitter

While I was taking my exam in by bedroom (COVID-style), the postie delivered this long awaited gem by @J_Duffy01 😍 Looks amazing, can’t wait to dive in!” - Kinga, Twitter

Volume I is focusing on the core skills, thought processes and basic application knowledge we’ll need to get started as a security researcher in relation to iOS.

iOS Research & Exploration Volume I is designed specifically for beginners interested in iOS Security & Research.

Volume I is focusing on the core skills, thought processes and basic application knowledge we’ll need to get started as a security researcher, specifically in relation to iOS.

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The book covers a wide variety of security-related implementations, iOS-specific knowledge and general considerations a researcher will naturally encounter throughout your journey into security - here are a few:

  • Setting Up Your Development & Research Environment
  • Secure Shell & Secure Copy Protocol Overview
  • iOS Platform Architecture (Sandbox, Boot Processes & Code-Signing)
  • Frida ‘dynamic runtime instrumentation framework’ - gaining insight from within the context of the application.
  • Bypassing Network Transmission Obfuscations.
  • Patching Common Jailbreak Detection Techniques Using A Disassembler.
  • An Introduction To Mobile Forensics.
  • Crafting your own Forensic Artifacts with practical exercises.

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